Can NFT be sold? Check out 5 Things That You Can Sell

THECRYPTO.WATCHCan NFT be sold, of course you have to pay attention to some of the items in it. So you don’t make a mistake and still profit from this type of crypto asset. 

Crypto assets are growing in various types. One of them is can NFT be sold? Although it is still new, many people are interested in this non-fungible token. 

Can NFT be sold?

The non-fungible token itself is a certificate of ownership of digital art. Not only works of art, but digital assets are part of it. 

You need to underline that the artwork and property are still copyrighted. So that the buyer only has a certificate of ownership. 

The rightful owner can still replicate the copy he owns, then sell it again with a unique code. 

5 NFT Items You Can Sell

Here are 5 items from non-fungible tokens that can be traded:

Game Items

For games that you can sell, not the game as a whole, but only the items. For example, you will sell skins, characters, weapons and other items. If the character already has a high skill, of course, the price will be more expensive.


Can NFT be sold next is music. Many musicians and DJs have turned to non-fungible tokens to sell their work. In a relatively short time, it already has a lot of benefits. Therefore, it is not surprising that musicians are now switching to using blockchain transactions. 

Virtual Fashion

In the world of NFT fashion, you can only use your online Avatar pad. Even though this sounds impossible, there are people who are willing to spend 57 billion just for Doge. 


You can also trade for memes that are currently popular. For example Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, Nyan Cat. It can be sold for the equivalent of IDR 430 million to IDR 11 billion.

Social Media Accounts

Buying and selling social media accounts is certainly no stranger to you. However, if you choose a non-fungible token, not only accounts can be sold. 

But you can also sell tweets from someone who is influential, especially in cryptocurrency. The price is quite fantastic, around hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. 

Can NFT be sold of course it can. It’s just that there are certain items that you can buy and sell at varying prices. 


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