4 NFT Games that are Happening. Do You Want to Know?

THECRYPTO.WATCHNFT games are becoming popular along with the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies. This game is one of the most popular, because players can have digital assets in the form of crypto coins just by playing. Of course, this is very tempting.

What Is NFT Game?

NFT game is an online game that has a blockchain base with a Non-Fungible Token or NFT system. The game allows players to acquire in-game assets that can be traded using cryptocurrencies.

There are several NFT games that are favored by players so that they can make transactions using their coins. Check out the following discussion about what games are included in the NFT game.

Axie Infinity

This Game is one of the pioneers in this field and is becoming widely available on the internet. The game will ask you to take on the role of a virtual pet keeper known as Axie.

This game is based on the Ethereum network. Axie’s virtual animal itself is one of the NFT assets that can be traded on the marketplace with a special token known as AXS.


The concept of this game is a tradable card that is registered as digital art as NFT on Ethereum. You can own this card with DEAPcoin tokens. The game modes that can be found are Practice, PvP, Story, and Quest.


The concept of this game is play to earn, which is packaged in the form of pet care in the form of a virtual cat. This beast is sold as NFT with a certain price variant. CryptoKitty can be obtained by mating a female cat, Dame, with a male cat, Siri, in order to create a new kitten.

Plant vs Undead

This game is similar to Plant vs Zombie which was booming some time ago. The difference is that in this PVU, you can eventually own crypto assets. No different from its predecessors, players must be able to defend their land from undead attacks by relying on a variety of existing plants. These plant variants are NFT assets.

This rising NFT game can not only be used for recreation, it can also be used to make transactions using crypto assets. What are you waiting for, immediately play the fun and get the unique BENEFITS.


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