TCW Token Goal, What Will It Be?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – It is not easy to be a newcomer token when facing the threat of a rug pull issue. One of TCW token goal will reject this assumption with projects that have made quite impressive progress. 

TCW Token Goal Anti Rug Pull

Being a quality token with projects that have a long-term effect is not enough to be a wish. It takes hard work to make it happen. 

One of the dreams of the tokens made by this country’s children is to realize an anti-rug pull token. Therefore, gaining the trust of investors is the main thing that must be realized. 

Reflecting on the Squid Game crypto asset incident, which was surprising because many people had been deceived. Recognizes rug pulls as one of the modes used to cheat in the crypto asset industry. 

Developers attract potential buyers to a fake project they are running. After the project made money, then the development team just left with funds from investors.

TCW token goal recognizes rug pulls using the independence of the DeFi ecosystem. The financial system is open and has been supported by smart contracts. So developers are free to create their own tokens and list them on the DEX.

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