Prices in Rupiah, The Top 10 Coins CoinMarketCap Version in The Early 2022

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Many traders hope that in the early 2022, they will see many changes. The top 10 coins CoinMarketCap version dropped a few months ago. So it had time to anger crypto asset traders.

The Top 10 Coins CoinMarketCap Version

Starting in early 2022, the global crypto market capitalization reached IDR 31,747.89 trillion. There was an increase of 0.62 percent in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, for the reviews in the last 24 hours, the details are:

  • The market volume for 24 hours was Rp.959.93 trillion.
  • There was a decrease of 25.02 percent.
  • For a total DeFi of IDR 210.19 trillion. Summing up, this amount represents 21.90 percent of the total volume of the crypto market.

Check out the rankings of the coins that occupy the top positions, they are:

1st position 

Occupying the first position, it is Bitcoin at a price of Rp. 671,445,958.05 with a decrease of 6.72 percent. Has a market capitalization of Rp12695.55 trillion. The current supply circulation is 18,917,593 BTC.

2nd position

The top 10 coins CoinMarketCap Version, the2nd top position is Ethereum, at a price of IDR 53,350,825.78. Has a market capitalization of Rp6343.05 trillion. After experiencing a decrease of 0.38 percent in 24 hours, it has a circulating supply of 118,989,656 ETH.

3rd position 

BNB is currently valued at IDR 7,439,600.82 with an increase of 0.43 percent in the last 24 hours. Has a circulating supply of 166,801,148 BNB.

4th position

Current Theater is Rp. 14,245.30, which has decreased by 0.81 percent. The current supply is 78,337,882,507 USDT.

5th position 

Solana’s price is currently IDR 2,508,762.67 with an increase of 1.21 percent. Has a supply of 309,149,236 SOL.

6th position 

Cardano price is currently Rp19,267.67 with a supply of 33,485,509,406 ADA.

7th position 

USD chain price is currently Rp. 14,238.16. The current supply is 42,448,569,773 USDC.

8th position 

Current XRP is Rp. 11,997.84 with a market capitalization of Rp. 570.33 trillion.

9th position 

current price of Terra is IDR 1,284,090,99 having a market capitalization of IDR 456.69 trillion.

10th position

Avalenche has a price of Rp. 1,639,557.82 with a supply of 243,725,809 Avax.

The prices of the top 10 coins CoinMarketCap version have continued to decline in price in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin dominated the decline of 39.94 percent for the whole day.


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