TCW Token Listing, What Are the Effects?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Those of you who are familiar with the crypto world, must be familiar with TCW token listing. This term often appears in the news about cryptocurrencies. However, not all traders understand it, especially new traders who are still new to the terms that exist in the crypto world.

Getting to know the term TCW Token Listing

The definition of listing is an action when an exchange platform offers trading pairs. If you apply to the traditional market, listing means that a company’s shares are available on a particular stock exchange.

Likewise with crypto assets, this term has an understanding when an asset is listed on a crypto asset platform. So it is ready to be traded. In general, you can conclude that to be registered on a platform, it must pass certain requirements. 

For example, it must meet financial and regulatory feasibility with the aim of increasing the trust of certain exchanges. 

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