Pumping Mania Profits Bali Token, What is the Mechanism?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – PT. Bali Token Global issues digital assets focused on tourism. Pumping Mania benefits Bali Token as part of Glodcoin. The development of Glodcoin is undeniably that gives a major influence on the development of PT. Bali Token Global.

What is a Pumping Mania Program?

Seeing the positive feedback from the Pumping Mania program, this program will run again throughout 2022. Make sure you take part from January 1, 2022 to December 22, 2022. This program will focus on 2 programs, they are:

Pumping Charity

The Pumping Charity program focuses on the benefits to be received by the members. You only need to deposit capital of IDR 10 million to IDR 250 million. 

During the 12-month contract, the capital you deposit will give you a profit of 10 percent every month. Not only that, but after the contract is completed, the capital will return by 200 percent.

Pumping Mining Machines

Meanwhile, for pumping mania benefits Bali Token, it is still held by the cooperative. At the end of the month, as much as 10 percent of the pumping proceeds will be distributed to investors.

Another 20 percent will be transferred to PT Glodcoinminer. There are the same rules that apply,  there are agents who recommend it and investors will get passive income. The time period is 5 years. The requirements for platinum members remain the same.

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