Bali Token Prima Donna Project, Why is it Held?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The collaboration project between PT Bali Token Global and PT Goldcoin never disappoints. Bali Token prima donna project in collaboration with GlodCoin will benefit both parties. It will also strengthen the domestic crypto asset ecosystem.

PT GoldenCoin Collaborates with Bali Token

In collaboration with GoldCoin as a company that focuses on cooperatives, the two companies will simultaneously develop crypto assets. Becoming a member of the consumer cooperative of GlodCoin and joining PT Bali Token, will multiply the benefits.

PT Bali Token Global certainly does not choose partners randomly. Here are some of the advantages that GoldCoin has:

  • It has complete legality.
  • Representative offices are in Indonesia and have spreaded.
  • It has managed 36 businesses.

Why Hold the Bali Token Prima Donna Project?

Some of the reasons why the Pumping Mining prima donna program was held are:

  • The ability to work non-stop 24 hours for mining machines, so that they are able to add valuable crypto assets. Such as BTC, LTC, GLC, ETH.
  • The biggest Bitcoin and GoldCoin mines in Indonesia will be in Garut, West Java.
  • The completion of the Bali Token prima donna project  in Garut has been completed.
  • Miner building construction will start in January 2022.
  • 500 tokens built from GoldCoin are ready to be launched in January 2022.
  • Umrah tokens are 100 percent in GoldCoin backup. This indicates that the more people Umrah, the price will be more expensive for GoldCoin.
  • GoldCoin reserve as collateral for tokens that will be born by GlodCoin Academy.
  • Bali Token will be listed on CoinMarketCap and get a backup from GoldCoin.

Apart from these reasons, there are reasons why this mining program is excellent, they are:

  • PT GoldCoin will receive an ISO management 900:2015 certificate.
  • There will be more mining agents because they will benefit.
  • The target member will reach 600,000 people in 2022. The
  • The budget for marketing is ready for around Rp. 300 billion.
  • The price of GoldCoin will continue to rise, so the best way is mining GoldCoin.

Get ready to take part in the Bali Token prima donna project collaboration with GoldCoin. It is not impossible that domestic crypto assets will bounce their name. 


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