Auto Burn TCW Token, What’s the Impact?

TCW NEWS – Many mechanisms can be applied to the development of a token. Auto burn TCW Token system is a reliable system that benefits all parties. And continue to pursue the token market cap so that prices can also be stable and even continue to rise. 

Tokenomic The Crypto Watch 

The total supply of The Crypto Watch token is 100,000,000,000,000. There is a tax of 11 percent on every token purchase and sale. The token allocation are :

  • For BNB, 4 percent as a reward for token holders.
  • 4 percent for marketing needs, which is an important factor in supporting token development.
  • 2 percent for liquidity.
  • 1 percent for auto burn.

Referring to the tokenomic above, the holder can easily read the demand and supply. So that it can provide an assessment of a token. For holders who are still wondering what a tokenomic token is, the following questions will help a little.

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