Purchase TCW Token on PancakeSwap, Make Sure You have done These 3 Things 

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The first step in understanding The Crypto Watch has been done. Next is how to purchase TCW Token on PancakeSwap so you can add it to your crypto asset portfolio. 

Make Sure 3 Things Before Making A Transaction

In order to be able to make transactions on PancakeSwap, first note the following 3 things:

Connect with Trust Wallet

The first step before starting all transaction stages on PancakeSwap, you must download the trust wallet application. Because, in one of the DApps, there is a feature to connect to PancakeSwap.

Have a BNB Balance

Make sure you already have a BNB balance. The way to fill the balance can be through a crypto exchange and then to your trust wallet. PancakeSwap is widely used for new coins and tokens as an exchange place before being listed on other exchanges.

Pay attention to the Contract

The next step is to confirm the token contract that you will buy. You can check whether the token is connected to BNB or Ethereum. Then for the market, can it be traded on PancakeSwap. 

If these two things are clearly stated in the contract, then you can purchase TCW Tokens

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