Jagoku Token Giveaway, Are you ready to receive 1 Cow?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Domestically made tokens are increasingly showing their superiority in cryptocurrencies. Carrying a different theme, the Jagoku Token Giveaway will provide special prizes for winners. 

What is Jagoku Token?

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the name of this token, you should listen to the brilliant project from the developer team. This token will combine blockchain technology with agriculture. 

Combining these two opposing fields will increase agricultural production and create more value. The original token made by this country’s children invites the community around Pemalang and other areas to help revive the agricultural sector. 

As you know, in the last few decades farmers have experienced difficult conditions several times. The existence of this token made in Indonesia will synergize and raise the prestige of the agricultural sector.

While waiting for the harvest, the community outside the land or field will help supply the funds that have come in from investors. Funds obtained from investors or token holders are used to treat plants and plant them later. 

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