Bitcoin Creator and His Success Pushes Bitcoin to Nearly US$29,000

THECRYPTO.WATCHThe Bitcoin Creator achieved success by making the cryptocurrency a fantastic value. Bitcoin also occupies the largest market capitalization value, with a value of more than one trillion US Dollars.

However, recently there was a provision that crypto transactions would be taxed. In America, there has been concrete action with the signing of the bipartisan United States bill.

This bill contains provisions for investors to report taxes from crypto transactions.

Cryptocurrency investors gave a negative response to the imposition of the tax, so the value of Bitcoin was corrected to a value of 60,000 US Dollars. Not only American investors, China also contributed to negative sentiment on crypto assets.

China’s National Development and Reform Commission or NDRC confirmed in a press conference on November 16, 2021 regarding crypto money.

China intends to free its country of digital money because of concerns that the city of Beijing is using a large amount of energy for mining activities.

The Creator of Bitcoin and the Rise and Fall of Bitcoin Value

The fantastic surge in value of Bitcoin certainly has a good impact on its creators who are increasingly spoiled with abundant wealth. That person is an investor and creator of Bitcoin, as well as the originator of Cryptocurrency,  whose name is Satoshi Nakamoto.

This name is still a mystery because it is not clear what the person is like. Whether male or female, individual or group.

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