List of Top 10 Crypto this week, Bitcoin is Still Shining and Dogecoin Locksmith

THECRYPTO.WATCH – In the midst of intense competition for cryptocurrencies, it turns out that the top 10 positions have not changed much. At the end of November, well-known names remain in the top position. Here is a list of this week’s top 10 crypto on the platform.

Top 10 Crypto List This Week

In the caretaker position, there is Dogecoin with a value of $ 0.2281. This number has decreased from the previous trade of 2.05%. While in positions nine and eight, there are USD Coin with a value of $ 1.00 and Polkadot worth $ 41.42. Above it are XRP ($1.08) and Cardano ($1.87).

The champion position is still held by Bitcoin with a value of $58,775.02 or up 0.47% from the previous trade. While below it until the fifth position in a row are Ethereum ($4,319.74), Binance Coin ($582.43), Tether ($0.9998) and Solana ($211.72).

Of the top 10 crypto names this week, 7 of them experienced a decline in value. The average is about 0.92 points. The highest decline was experienced by Dogecoin. Followed by Solana with a decrease of 2.03%. Tether is among the most stable this week, with only a decline of 0.05 points.

In crypto that is on the rise, Ethereum holds the top spot with an increase of 0.55 points. Although its position is still below Bitcoin. The defending champion only increased 0.47 points. while USD Coin experienced a slight increase of 0.11%.

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