Cardano Price Today Stronger Than Others

THECRYPTO.WATCH – In today’s monitoring of bitcoin prices, ethereum is in a corrected position after touching a new record high yesterday. While Cardano today looks stronger.

For novice investors, of course, the name BTC or Bitcoin is no longer strange. How about cardano? Let’s get acquainted with this one cryptocurrency more deeply.

Getting to know Cardano Today

Cardano is a platform with smart contracts with a focus on security through a layered design framework. The process of forming Cardano can be said to be quite unique because it was formed based on scientific philosophy and academic research.

The Cardano team is the end-user as well as the regulator. That’s why cardano is constantly looking to balance the need for regulation with the principles of privacy and decentralization, which are key values ​​in Blockchain.

The presence of Cardano today aims to take the banking system to an inaccessible place, especially in developing areas. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that want to take over the entire financial system by utilizing Blockchain technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of cardano.

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