Bitcoin Sets Record in The Last 24 Hours, Tether Experience Decrease

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Bitcoin set a record as the highest digital currency in history in the last 24 hours. This was officially released from the page revealing that Bitcoin had reached the level of 67,808 US Dollars when converted to the equivalent of Rp. 965.2 million (assuming 1 US dollar was equivalent to an exchange rate of 14,234).

This level is the highest level since the coin was published in 2009.

Bitcoin Sets a Record Among Other Digital Currencies

Now, Bitcoin can reach 67,580 US Dollars per coin. The price increased by about 3.58 percent within a day and 10.97 percent within a week. Of course, this record is better than in October at the level of 67,016 per chip.

Other Digital Currencies Experience increases and Decreases

Then, another digital asset that also experienced strength apart from Bitcoin was Ripple XRP. The currency experienced an increase of about 0.52 percent. Even though  the price of one share is worth 0.71 US dollars.

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