4 Safe Ways to Travel in the New Normal Era

THECRYPTO.WATCH – After the Covid 19 pandemic has passed, can’t wait to be able to travel again like before. If you follow a safe way of traveling in the new normal era, everyone can travel without worry.

Health Protocols When Traveling

One of the safest ways to travel in the new normal era is to maintain health protocols. Which are:

Always Wearing a Mask

Mask will protect you and your family from the transmission of germs. In addition, masks will also protect the respiratory organs from air pollution due to vehicle fumes.

Always Bring Hand Sanitizer

Who knows, there are no adequate hand washing facilities at tourist locations. It is never wrong to bring your own hand sanitizer, soap and wet wipes.

Always Keep a Safe Distance With Others

This is very important. Choose a public area that is not too crowded. And keep a safe distance from other people.

Try to Transact Online

To limit touch or direct contact, if possible, transact  online. For example, buying tickets, paying for hotels, etc.

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