Solana Price, Make Sure 4 Facts Before Investing

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The development of cryptocurrencies is very fast, with thousands of new coins popping up all over the world. The price of Solana coin is also growing very fast. You can check it on CoinMarketCap.

Solana Coin Price

Ranked 4th, this coin is behind Binance and Ethereum. This year’s tantalizing returns are the main attraction. Decentralized projects are challenging Ethereum with over 400 projects.

This coin uses programming that can be used to build applications. The advantage of this coin is that it is able to process more than 50,000 transactions. You can use SOL tokens to pay transaction fees to support the network.

Solana Price Facts

Before deciding to invest in this coin, consider the following 5 facts:

Fast Growth

Since the beginning of the year, this coin has shown a rapid growth of 13,300 percent. It has a market capitalization of 86 million dollars with a price per coin of 1.51 dollars.

The price of solana now is 202.42 with a capitalization of almost 62 billion dollars. Some investors have staked the coins in their possession to earn interest.

Potential Alternatives

The biggest driver of this coin’s growth is being an alternative to Ethereum. In cryptocurrency, Ethereum takes second place after introducing smart contracts. The dense Ethereum network makes transaction fees expensive. 

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