Now Going To Bali Can Be Paid Using Bali Token Crypto! Here’s How

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Who doesn’t like to go to Bali? A small island with stunning natural beauty. As well as the culture and hospitality of its famous people. Now there is a new way to go to Bali. Because you can use the Bali Token crypto currency.

The Bali Crypto Token (BLI) itself is a type of original Indonesian crypto currency. With the main mission of supporting the improvement of Bali’s tourism, which has been dimmed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Even though it has only been released in 2021, BLI’s prestige is increasing.

How to Go to Bali Using Crypto Bali Token

If you want to go to Bali with payment using BLI crypto, the method is very easy. Because BLI can be found in various well-known cryptocurrency markets. Like BSC and Coin Clarity. With BLI, various transactions can be carried out. Which are:

· The cost of air tickets to Bali.

· Payment for hotels, villas and other lodging.

· Payment for restaurants, clubs, cafes and others.

· Payment for transportation modes, tour packages and ride tickets.

· Purchase of souvenirs, Balinese merchandise, souvenirs, etc.

Bali Token has the goal of rebuilding Bali tourism with tokenomics. Helping entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to be able to run their business again. BLI will also set aside a portion of the revenue from the transaction to help the Bali Provincial government program.

Currently, BLI is one of the tokens from Indonesia that has a lot of potential. In addition to having scored high (8.9) on Coin Clarity and 8.4 on ICO Alert. Bali itself is still the number 1 tourist destination during and after the pandemic. According to the travel site Tripadvisor.

The combination of Bali’s potential and crypto currency is a great opportunity to revive Bali tourism. This is based on at least three reasons:

· Most of Bali’s visitors are Generation X who are familiar with transactions using cryptocurrencies. These traders and investors will prefer to use cryptocurrencies over ordinary currencies.

· BLI can be used for most transactions in Bali. It’s very easy and profitable.

· The main mission of BLI to develop Bali’s economy will receive a positive response from the public and the government. With good cooperation, tourism and MSMEs in Bali will rise again.

If you want to experience a new style of traveling as well as transacting crypto, this is the time. Bali Tokens Crypto  can be purchased at various package prices


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