Crypto Payment Card in the Form of Mastercard Coming Soon in the Asia Pacific Region

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The crypto payment card will be launched in the form of a mastercard while cooperating with three platforms in Asia Pacific such as CoinJar, Bitkub and Amber. Even though there is already an agenda, the exact release date has not yet been confirmed.

Application for Crypto Payment Cards in the Asia Pacific Region

The Executive Vice President of Digital & Emerging Partnerships and New Payment Flows Mastercard Asia Pacific Rama Sridhar revealed that for the first time customers and businesses in the Asia Pacific region can submit applications related to credit cards or prepaid Mastercard that can be connected to crypto.

According to his confession. This service can be provided directly in the form of a traditional cryptocurrency conversion into fiat currency that can be used in countries that accept Mastercard.

Sridhar said with the increasing number of fans as well as attention from various circles. Real-world application usage may appear beyond speculation.

Merchants Have Made Payments Via Digital Currency

Although there are already some merchants who have accepted payments in the form of digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, they can judge that this form of acceptance is still not widely spread.

In addition, he also added that payments made through Mastercard can be processed online or offline. On the other hand, the money will enter the Mastercard network in the form of traditional fiat currency.

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