Buff Doge Coin is Booming! This is the Big Mission

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The news regarding the release of the Doge coin buff seems to be greeted with enthusiasm. Coins that are crowded after this Shiba inu rally, it turns out that it has a big mission that attracts attention. Come on, let’s find out about one of these types of altcoins.

Buff Doge Coin, a Meme Token That Is Thick in Humanity

Even though it started as a meme token, in fact one of these altcoins is quite explosive. Moreover, many investors and traders are hunting for these coins.

However, it should be noted that these kinds of coins have indeed heated up in recent days. This was caused by a record rally in cryptocurrency, that is the Shiba Inu. In fact, this token had jumped up to 50 percent. It’s no wonder then that the tokens are starting to attract investors.

The main mission of the Buff Doge Coin

Token is reportedly getting better because the community is so solid and strong. Even though it had soared at a tempting price, many investors still felt FOMO. which is, worrying about losing the moment, even though they don’t really understand how the token is used.

One of the main missions of the coin that started with this meme is to become a superior version of Dogecoin. In addition, the coin collects donations from their team’s profits. This donation will be donated to address animal and environmental issues.

Especially regarding the care of abandoned animals. Including restoration or environmental conservation fields. The token team also believes that profit without thinking about the world and the social side is a bad thing. So the world must also be taken care of.

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