3 Blockchain Gaming Business Choices That Really Make Crypto Money

THECRYPTO.WATCH – More and more blockchain gaming businesses have appeared in recent weeks. The game offers reciprocity known as “game play to earn”. Even crypto exchanges also enliven these games .

“The play to earn” movement is a movement that has recently emerged in the gaming industry. Each player can collect prizes that later can be exchanged for real money. It can even be exchanged in the form of virtual currency or crypto currency. Curious, what games which can generate crypto currency? Here’s the review.

Games That Can Generate Crypto Currency

Now no one will complain that playing games is a waste of time. There are several blockchain gaming businesses that can be an investment choice in the form of crypto currency. What are these games, here are the reviews.

Axie Infinity Game

Even though it is a new game, the game has become popular. In fact, it often gets the first rank for the Ethereum application with the most transactions from the game.

The number of transactions is also very fantastic, with transactions of more than 100 thousand dollars. While the way to play is also very easy. Each player must raise their pet and fight with other players.

Please note that these pets are NFT which can be traded in the game marketplace. while the crypto assets that can be obtained are SLP or Smooth Love Potion and AXS or Axie Infinity Shard.

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