The 6 Most Expensive NFTs, Interested in Owning it?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Many of the most expensive NFTs are owned as a prestigious symbol of their owners. NFT itself is a digital asset that represents real world objects. Usually, the objects are music, game items and videos.

The 6 Most Expensive NFT

In general, the number of NFTs is very limited, even having only one of a kind, or at least a rare item from a very limited process. And has a unique identity code. The most expensive NFTs is a digital rarity, which is very expensive .

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NFT is the most expensive NFT and is ranked first. This work was created by digital artist, Mike Beeple Winkelman. This work was sold at Christie’s Auction house for $69.3 million. That’s a fantastic price, considering that this piece is a huge compilation of Beeple that has worked on a daily basis since May 2007.

CryptoPunk #7523

This NFT was bought by Shalom Mackenzie for $11.8 million. What makes it rare is because of its character, which symbolizes Covid and also includes the popularization of NFT.

CryptoPunk #7804

This character was purchased by Dylan Filed, the CEO of design software company Figma. This work was purchased for $7.56 million. This character caught his attention because there was only one that had a pipe accessory and a front hat.

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