NFT The Matrix Offers Two Unique Versions

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The unique version of NFT The Matrix is rumored to be two interesting choices. Which are the Blue Pill and Red Pill versions. For fans and investors who want to buy, you can choose between the two. However, what are the full details of these two versions?

NFT The Matrix: Unique Avatars Worth Tens of Dollars

As previously reported, NFT from The Matrix has now launched two very interesting versions. Armed with the names Red Pill and Blue Pill, of course, fans can choose as they wish.

Reportedly, Blue Pill still retains their Avatar the Matrix. While the Red Pill is an option to turn the Avatar into a warrior. It is like Neo or Keanu Reeves.

This avatar is inspired by The Matrix, which are Resurrections and The Matrix. Where this type of NFT will be sold around the end of November 2021. With a price tag of around 50 US dollars, this nominal is equivalent to Rp. 716 thousand.

For information, the NFT collection representing characters in the world created by The Matrix will be made by Warner Bros., as well as Nifty’s NFT market. In addition, Nifty has also made an official announcement regarding this matter.

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