Cryptocurrencies, These are the 7 Most Famous

THECRYPTO.WATCH – New investments in the field of crypto assets are increasingly attracting the interest of the Indonesian people. Various types of cryptocurrencies continue to appear. For beginners who have just entered the crypto world, they must increase their knowledge so they don’t go the wrong way.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

This digital asset is designed as a medium of exchange using cryptography. To control the manufacturing process using a high level of security using asset transfer verification. Simply, the currency is decentralized, so there is no counterfeiting.

Cryptocurrency Working System

It has 3 working systems, they are digitally, encrypted and also decentralized. Unlike conventional money, which is controlled by the government, crypto money is not. The control and management of this currency is entirely in the hand of the currency holder. 

The 7 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies

You must pay attention to the 7 cryptocurrencies most popular, which are:


The first birth of cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. Its value is now higher and it has many fans globally. However, the movement is very volatile. Some Bitcoin investors have become millionaires.


Dog face as the mascot of this currency. Appeared in 2013 and became one of the alternatives to cryptocurrencies. There are only 10 thousand coins to be mined and there is no supply limit.


Ethereum’s name is rising in the cryptocurrency world. ETH operates all the time, so you avoid dubious transactions. Ethereum has 19 percent capitalization.

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