The Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Homeland as the Hope of the Nation

THECRYPTO.WATCH – In early 2021 an official institution was established and ratified. By using the concept of the sovereign wealth fund of the homeland, finally the Indonesia Investment Authority was ratified. The new investment management agency is expected to improve Indonesia’s economy and reduce state debt.

The presence of this institution is predicted to be able to bring fresh air to the nation’s economy. It is even predicted to be able to reduce state debt. What are its duties and powers and what is the legal umbrella that protects it? Let’s review.

INA Concept Sovereign Wealth Fund

Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) was inaugurated in early 2021. INA can also be referred to as an Investment Management Institution that is established by the central government. The goal is to manage the investment that goes into this nation, which will later be used for the country’s economic growth.

According to the Ministry of Finance on their official website, the INA concept is known globally as the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the homeland. SWF itself is a government investment with an endowment fund. These funds are invested in several instruments, such as deposits to earn interest, shares to get gains or dividends, and so on.

The endowment fund itself comes from APBN funds and other legitimate revenues. These funds may not be taken, only the income such as interest and dividends may be taken and used.

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