Traders Must Know The Terms in Cryptocurrency

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Cryptocurrencies that are predicted as future investments are certainly familiar to the ears. However, those of you who just intend to trade, you should understand some of the terms in cryptocurrency that are often used. If you already know the term, then you will no longer take the wrong steps when you invest.

Various Terms in Cryptocurrency

Here are some terms in cryptocurrency that are commonly used:

  1. Cryptography
  2. Blockchain
  3. Decentralized
  4. Centralized
  5. Mining
  6. Bear Market/Bearish
  7. Bull Market/Bullishik
  8. Buy
  9. Sell
  10. Bid
  11. Ask
  12. WD/Withdraw
  13. Depo
  14. Low
  15. High
  16. Vol
  17. Chart
  18. Wallet
  19. Limit order.
  20. Circulating supply
  21. Market Capitalization
  22. CO or Initial Coin Offering
  23. IDEX: Digital money trading market.
  24. Public Keys
  25. Private Keys.
  26. Hard Cap
  27.  Low Cap
  28. High Cap
  29. Borrowing rate
  30. Lending rate

In addition to the terms above, there are several other terms that are used in chat that you must know too. So you are not confused when you hear the term.

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