Fear of Missing Out, Here’s a Strategy to Avoid It

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The digital era has made the term fear of missing out more widely used.  At the beginning, this term was intended for social media users who felt addicted to continue to open it.

However, as technology develops, FOMO can also be juxtaposed for crypto investors and traders.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in the Crypto World

What is FOMO? The current generation knows it as a form of personality who does not want to miss a moment. This tends to give off the emotions of worry and fear of missing out on certain moments. In the crypto world, FOMO comes as a form of fear of losing the moment when crypto assets go up, thus forcing them to make purchases.

FOMO for crypto players is something that can harm investors and traders. Seeing the rising asset prices, flocking to hunt and get them, even though it is not necessarily going to last long term.

Tips to Avoid FOMO for Crypto Investors and Traders

If not avoided, this fear of missing out effect will have a negative impact. Investors or traders can suffer losses due to buying assets at high prices. A high purchase price does not guarantee high sales either. That’s why we need some tips to avoid FOMO for crypto hunters.

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