What does the term whale mean in crypto assets?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – As a trader, you must have heard the term whale in crypto. However, do you know what the term means? Let’s review together.

Cryptocurrency is another name for digital currency  that is developed with encryption technology. This cryptocurrency only prevails in digital transactions with a peer to peer system.

Because it is based on digital technology, there are many investors who are confused about the terms that are found in crypto trading. These are Moon, whale, bag holder and so on.

If you’re starting to get interested in this future investment, it’s a good idea to understand crypto terms.

What is Whale in Crypto 

The 2021 year can be said to be the year of Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin, which experienced an all-time high, successfully reached the price of 60 thousand US dollars (Rp.865 million) per chip. Many people suspect because the whales buy Bitcoin (BTC) in large quantities when the BTC price is low. Whale is a term that is often mentioned in crypto assets.

The term of this whale in crypto is considered unique in crypto. The use of this term itself is to label a big player who has a large amount of capital. Whales are considered a market mover for small coins because of the large capital they have.

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