The term HODL in Crypto, what does it mean?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Are you familiar with the terms in crypto assets? Surely you are familiar with the term HOLD in crypto. Actually the term is slang in the community.

Understanding the term HODL in Crypto

This term is very important in cryptocurrency culture which describes the establishment to keep investing and not giving up. The use of this term is usually if there is a decline in price.

Hold on for dear life is a favorite mantra for Bitcoin currency holders. This term advises cryptocurrency owners not to be careless even when prices are high.

Its Origin 

Hia misspelling has the meaning of holding or grasping. It started with a mistake by a user on the GameKyuubi forum. The post is remembered as the momentum of the Bitcoin price crash that occurred in 2013.

Members of the community criticize the sudden sale of the coin due to its falling price. The members have the principle of not selling their coins even if the price drops.

At first the term HOLD in crypto only referred to Bitcoin, but it has grown to holders of other currencies and tokens.

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