Crypto Tokenoid Assets, Playing Games while Investing Digital Money

THECRYPTO.WATCHTokenoid crypto assets are a combination of playing games and investing crypto money. Every industry player, whether it gamers or designers, is given the opportunity to invest in crypto or digital money.

Combining blockchain and gaming in the cryptocurrency world is not a new thing. However, a token made by Indonesia called Tokenoid has the backbone of the gamer community that stands strong.

Originally Tokenoid was a studio game created for game finance that is built on blockchain. Tokenoid crypto assets are here for those who like to play games as well as provide an opportunity to make investments.

As a millennial generation, playing games is an activity by couch potato people. They think that these activities can be a waste of time. Too much playing games gives a negative impression.

The presence of Tokenoid may be able to eliminate this assumption, because the crypto asset is already connected to the blockchain. So that every game player can invest in digital money.

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