Understanding Digital Tokens As Crypto Assets

THECRYPTO.WATCHFor those who are new to the crypto world, they may be a little confused by the existing terms. Even more, there are differences in the meaning of digital tokens and digital coins.

Cryptocurrencies are now increasingly in demand by investors. However, unfortunately among these beginners there are still those who do not know the meaning of digital tokens. Therefore, it is difficult to distinguish between coins and tokens.

It is uncommon for people to mention that coins are still referred to as tokens. While digital tokens are actually called coins. There are also those who think that all these digital assets are the same product, either in the form of coins or tokens. So it is important to know the various terms that are often used in the crypto world .

Understanding Digital Tokens and Crypto Coins

These digital assets cannot be held directly, but have the same benefits as fiat money. So, what is the meaning of digital tokens and crypto coins? There are some basic differences that can be used as a reference for you before jumping in completely.

Crypto coins are real assets created on their own blockchain system. For example, Bitcoin that can only circulate and function on the Bitcoin blockchain as well. Likewise with Ethereum, it can operate on the Ethereum blockchain only.

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