Turbulence in the Money Flow Phase in Crypto

THECRYPTO.WATCHCryptocurrency since its launching has always fluctuated in the market. The money flow phase in crypto is always full of turmoil. Like last Wednesday (27-10-2021), it was reported that the price of the majority of cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization actually weakened. Investors realized their profits again that day.

CoinMarketCapdots provides data that only ripples and polkadot are still strengthening from the eight largest (big cap) non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies. Ripple reportedly rose 0.44% to a price level of US $ 1.12/coin. This is equivalent to IDR 15,848/coin where the assumption of the exchange rate on that day is IDR 14,150/US$. while Polkadot’s value increased by 1.57% to the level of US$ 44.57/coin or Rp 630,666/coin.

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