Top 3 Global Crypto Exchanges Nowadays!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – This crypto exchange has a general meaning as a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The global crypto exchange is currently still dominated by 3 major platforms. It was then followed by 17 other exchanges which were considered to be quite well-performed and reliable.

The crypto asset market is now increasingly ogled by investors. They no longer view the digital asset as something that gives up. Even more because many of their colleagues have enjoyed the sweet benefits of crypto.

The Top Global Crypto Exchanges 

The report released by CryptoCompare in 2019 has named the 20 most popular crypto markets. Until now, the report is still accurate and has become a reference for investors. So what are the most popular global crypto exchanges nowadays? Here’s the answer.


Gemini exchange is the most appropriate place for beginners who want to get involved in the world of Cryptocurrency. The platform, which has its headquarters in New York, is the most respected exchange. Especially, because of the many additional security settings that can not be found on other platforms.

Gemini also gives users the opportunity to “off and on-ramp”. So that every new customer can buy crypto coins using cash.

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