Neftipedia Wallet Digital Asset Storage System Sales Results Of NFT Creators 

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The use of the Neftipedia application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store now. The process of launching the Neftipedia wallet project also helps accelerate the digital world in the country.

Neftipedia CEO, Natalia Saputra as one of the founders of Tiga Digital Token said, Neftipedia is a blockchain technology project based on NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

According to him, now there are many markets that provide the opportunity to trade in various digital objects using cryptocurrency as a payment tool.

NFT is an important digital asset that represents real objects such as music, video, games and art. The existence of the NFT can be traded online using cryptocurrency. Neftipedia is present in the form of a marketplace.

Neftipedia’s Benefits for Creators

The existence of Neftipedia provides benefits for creators to generate money from the works on display. Apart from that, there are other benefits, such as:

Copyright Protected

Creators can take advantage of new alternatives to obtain publication of their work without having to worry about their work being plagiarized. Not only that, the buying and selling system by displaying works on the NFT marketplace is also easy to monetize. Your digital work also gets copyright.

Sharing with Other Creators

Neftipedia is not only used to sell NFT digital works. However, you can also share with other creators in this marketplace. How fun, isn’t it?

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