Kala Coin, Local Crypto Token with Promising Project

THECRYPTO.WATCH – One more local player is present in Cryptocurrency. Kala Coin, using the BSC protocol, carries a local theme that is inspired by the name of a god.

Although it’s still new, Kala looks well prepared. What are the advantages? Here’s the review.

Kala Coin, Project and Value

The government’s plan to establish a local crypto exchange is one of the drivers of the emergence of new local crypto assets. One of them is Kala Coins.

Let’s see what projects and advantages this local brand carries.

Kala Project

The name Kala was inspired by Bathara Kala, the god of time. The name is used as an emotional appeal to local crypto activists.

Within 1.5 months, Kala was ready with several projects. Kala will expand the global market with its flagship project which will be available early next year, that is the NFT Marketplace.

NFT or Non-Fungible Token are utilities for unique assets that are currently trending. The booming of Squid Token proves that the NFT market will always grow.

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