2 Things You Need to Know About Indonesia NFT Marketplace 

THECRYPTO.WATCH – With the increasing popularity of NFT (Non-fungible tokens), there are more and more Indonesia NFT marketplaces. In this kind of market place, buying and selling transactions can occur using digital assets.

About Indonesia NFT Marketplace 

Several Indonesia NFT Marketplaces are already available.  This marketplace is a bridge that connects the digital world with reality. Some NFTs provide facilities, namely NFTs can be used to redeem physical goods from merchants who work with them.

Conditions for Accessing the NFT Marketplace

NFT is a technology in crypto, a type of digital certificate that is used by parties who own digital artworks. In order to be able to access the NFT marketplace,you must have the following three things, namely:


As a Crypto investor, you must have a wallet that functions to store crypto assets. Choose a compatible wallet blockchain that supports NFT to be purchased on  certain marketplaces.


Wallet that have been owned can immediately be used to store several crypto assets with a certain amount before making transactions or minting (printing) NFT. Therefore, you should also find out what kind of cryptocurrency is supported by the marketplace that will be used.

User Account

You must have an account in the particular market where the transaction will be made. There are also costs that must be incurred, which the amount of the costs depends on the blockchain-based system.

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