The Next Shiba Inu, This Token Will Be Shine In November

THECRYPTO.WATCH – This October Bitcoin has successfully recorded a fantastic price increase. But Bitcoin is predicted to weaken in November. Some of its competitors who are predicted to be the next Shiba Inu will compete tightly. On October 20, this cryptocurrency successfully broke the highest figure of USD 67,000 per BTC. This is a record breaking in its own name. 

Beating the increase in April 2021 which reached USD 64,854 per BTC. Towards the end of October, Bitcoin’s value was down 5.14 percent.

Getting To Know Spay

Smart Payment Indonesia as a newcomer in the crypto world has provided the best performance. The PPOB system is the flagship for targeting various elements of the community to get to know and be involved in crypto assets.

After the launch of the official application on the Google Play Store, the developer continues to make new breakthroughs. It aims to provide the best to the holders. 

The Advantages that SPAY Own

Using the PPOB system is an option to further strengthen the community’s economy. Reaching out to people from various walks of life to be able to participate in developing Smart Payment Indonesia again, referring to the advantages it has, including:


You as a holder can take advantage of PPOB in Spay. For the payment of daily needs will be easier and more practical. Take advantage of the closest thing in society and become a basic need.

Get Cheaper Prices

As a member of Smart Payment Indonesia, you will get electricity token prices, pulses at lower prices. Members will benefit from the difference price.

Reward in the form of Spay Tokens

Every PPOB transaction that you make will receive a reward in the form of Spay tokens. These tokens can be traded on the crypto market later. 

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