The Attractiveness of Cryptopunk Coin, the NFT with the Highest Sales Value

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Do you like ancient and rare items? That’s more or less the attraction of Cryptopunk Coin. 

The boomingof the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) coin made Cryptopunk dug up and became NFT’s biggest best seller.

What is the origin and value of Cryptopunk today? Read on the next review.

The Attractiveness of Cryptopunk Coin

Inevitably, Cryptopunk coin is the highest selling NFT todays. How did this coin come about? And how has the value developed so far?

The Origins of Cryptopunk

Cryptopunk was created by Larva Labs, a software development company. Cryptopunk published as many as 10,000 unique characters, measuring 24×24. Each character is collectible and gets proof of ownership on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Cryptopunk characters are created from software that was originally developed as games. The characters are not only male and female, but also in the shape of zombies, apes, and aliens. The most expensive Cryptopunk Coin is an alien-shaped character.

Initially, The Cryptopunks were traded on the opensea and bought at a low price. Then with the increasing interest in NFT’s unique assets, many parties are exploring the pioneers, one of them is Cryptopunks.

Due to the skyrocketing prestige, the price of Cryptopunks Coin skyrocketed to 199 dollars per character. Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses also auctioned off a number of Crytopunks because of their historic artistic value.

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