Bitcoin ETF Securities Is Ready to Launch on NYSE

THECRYPTO.WATCH – In the last few weeks Bitcoin has surged up ahead of the Bitcoin ETF ready to launch on the NYSE. However, some bullish traders have the view that there will be many gains that can still be grabbed. There are hot expectations emerging about the $100,000 price level at the end of the year skewed to the upside.

Upheaval Ahead of EFT Bitcoin Ready to Launch on NYSE

BTC/USD was down 0.35% at 61,871.0 Tuesday (19/10) yesterday. Having previously been at an intraday high of $62,623, it was slightly below a record high of $64,778.

ETF Bitcoin futures of ProShares has been trading on Tuesday on the NYSE under the ticker “Bito”.

The Public ETF is expected to make BTC attract investors who are interested in the popular cryptocurrency. Investors who prefer exposure in a way that is more accessible.

Among Bitcoin bull investors are also paying attention to the potential expansion of the crypto investor base. Trading moves in the derivatives market show traders trust that the popular cryptocurrency will not only surpass its previous record highs, but will also be able to hit 100,000 by the end of the year.

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