7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Easily

The link obtained will be shared online through the website or other social media. The more clicks you get, the more bitcoins you will get.


Airdrops are considered as the easiest way to get free bitcoins. The mechanism utilizes network to distribute bitcoins.

You will be assigned to follow several company accounts and do promotions. If you succeed, you will get bitcoins.

Playing Games

Playing games has become a hobby of some people. Did you know that by playing games you can earn bitcoins?. To get bitcoins, you have to play the game but you can’t lose.

Writing Bitcoin 

For those of you who have a hobby of writing, you can also get bitcoin. The method is quite easy. Write crypto-related information and any information about digital money. 

Trading Competition

To promote the crypto world as a new way of investing, traders often hold competitions. If you win, you will get bitcoins. 

Be diligent in seeking information about this competition. This competition is judged based on how many digital assets can be obtained within a certain time limit.

Helping People

The crypto community often holds donation events. Fellow users will help each other.

How to get free bitcoin from the above can be taken into consideration.


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