7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Easily

MEDIAINVESTASI.ID7 Ways to Get Free Bitcoin Easily. When money is in a tight pocket, but you want to have a digital currency, there is one way that you can try. You have to learn how to get free bitcoins.

Buying bitcoin is an easy way to get digital money. However, if you are in a tight pocket, you should pay attention to how to get free bitcoins. Without spending money, you can own bitcoins.

Getting to Know How to Get Free Bitcoin

Before getting to know how to get free bitcoin, you should know what bitcoin is.

What is Bitcoin?

A new way of investing is found to maximize profits. Bitcoin is being talked about more and more and more and more by its users.

What are bitcoins? Bitcoin was created in 2009 as a new currency. This new currency is used in internet transactions without intermediaries. Using a peer-to-peer system.

How to Get Free Bitcoins

The following explanation will explain how to get free bitcoins.


The first way to get free bitcoins is to mine. Commonly called “ mining ” it is a process of verifying bitcoin transactions. 

The goal is to get new bitcoins. Miners will get rewards in the form of bitcoins and altcoins. You need compatible software and computer equipment. 


The second way to get free bitcoins is to affiliate. The mechanism is by promoting a product or service. Promotion is done after getting a link from the product.

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